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My 1st photo shoot in high school led a life of photography and now The Shot Caller Shoots all because of my grade school friend.

March 13, 2017

Way 1. Get in. Get out within 72hrs. or less with great friends who take pity on my financially Challanged Self.  Sorry I was speaking for me if that last sentence doesn't help you theeeeen apologies.  The rest of this is way more useful hopefully. 

Way 2. How it was done by yours truly here was to bust up in there around tax time.  It's nice in Spring. 

Way 3. Piece mealin' one way flights there and one way flights back home to save a buck.  

 Way 4... Almost always get away from The World Famous Strip to buy anything like beer and snacks.  Even if you're staying on said Strip. 

 Fancy ass CVS.  Skip it. Go with one not on "The Strip"  because $30 bucks for 30 Bud Lights suck and blow. And not in the Fun way. 

 Way 5. For Free drinks by simply  playing games on the floor of the Casino, most games that is. The Penny Slots might be a challenge to get a waiter or waitress over.  Forget what I said about $30 bucks for 30 beers sucking...

April 6, 2015

YEAGERSHOTS.COM presents "MEAT LOVERS SPIGHETTI". Here what's recommended.


Hamburger Meat.

Cheese flled Turkey Sausage.

Any Bacon. 

Itallian Seasoning



Bell Peppers.



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