Mix in some pop culture references, alcohol, and raunchy humor and you have one of the more eclectic shows on the web featuring some dude from Yeager Shots Dot Com Yeager Yancey Tedder and a diverse group of friends ranging from DJ's to Drug Testers talking freely (A.K.A PROFANITY TIRADS) about what ever life throws at them.

In this edition of the YEAGER SHOTS PODCAST, we talk all about our short flick entitled SEEN ON RADIO streaming right now on AMAZON. And we talk dead animals in the house unbeknownst to everyone, Movie Pass and the wait, getting our short on Amazon and the who, what, where, of getting it done. on the web // on the book // @yeagershotspage on the gram // @yeager_shots on the snap //

In this edition we discuss the brand SUPREME being purchased. Our clothing brand not getting the colabs poppin' but that grey Yeager Shots Hoodie is fire, but only one exist.

on the web // on the book // @yeagershotspage on the gram // @yeager_shots on the snap //

It's rambling time when our special guest E.A.S. joins the show to chat about urban legends, justifying electronic prices, why there's glitter everywhere, and doing more than walking while still asleep! on the web // on the book // @yeagershotspage on the gram // @yeager_shots on the snap //

Yeager (Konner) and Dudley (Crenshaw) discuss affordable food at Food Lion, IOS 11, and Relationship Experts along with Lil'Pump in this edition of the podcast!

Dudley P. Rushmore/Crenshaw and Yeager/Brian Ennis remember fellow lover of women, Hue Hefner.

We're back for the 1st time in 2017, but the rule is only podcast when we got things to say and in this episode talk about our tricks to shooting women in the streets of Myrtle Beach and how sticky that can get, plus our hand printed apparel along with our thoughts on eclipse 2017!