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     In grade school my fellow classmates would ask, 'Why do my parents have my name on a license plate?" They had a "personal" South Carolina Tag that just read "YEAGER" and my response started as, "I don't know." Then morphed into... "I guess they think it's cool thing to do putting their son's name on the plate."  They put all the chips on the table and went all in on the name conventions and weren't afraid to show it.  In my high school graphics arts class the teacher was the epitome of cool.  Into a little bit of everything that involved viewing an image.  Photography being a central part of that equation. There I learned to to read all four corners of the frame and focus the lens until I got the sharpness of a person's eyes and when in doubt just go with what feels sorta.... say it with me... "cool".  













While my parents and teachers had a sense of coolness if that's even really a word.  I'til this day still haven't figured out how to tap into that.  There's a ton of alone time brainstorming, writing, desinging, re-thinking and by the time the shoot day comes hopefully everything is a good to go. But something always comes up to adjust for. Which if I'm being honest and if you promise not to tell anyone... deep deep deeeeeeeep down inside I'm not sure I'll say, "I like that", but I'm at peace with it. After shooting pics it's the edit which normally involves a ton of breath holding that I didn't mess up the shoot wasting time and money on a bad concept that could of been fixed "from jump street".  To use my parents phrase.   Most people would say square one but they liked "jump street' without the 21. 

     21 months in my school graphics class is about how long it took me to get into photography too.  It was a 3 year course but my first year wasn't so great.  The second the light bulb went off with the camera.  Or maybe the flash... OK no more jokes. But as my friends started to find things from music to cars to get into I was happy to find "my thing". Photography.  I asked Monique if she'd like to do a photo shoot one day and she said, Yes. I was always into the model side of picture taking.. Not really buildings and Nature but Human Models. That's always been my interest even though I like a'lil of everything.

     If you've read this far I'm assuming you like photos, want to know about me hence the page name, or just skimmed ahead to the end of these paragraphs.  This is the lil'brother site to  the online home of Carolina's Photography.  I actually started using the name Yeager Shots as a joke but thought we needed something more professional for business license name time.  The word "Carolina" was taken hence Carolina's Photography. But now the question was what in the world separates the two site names?  Hopefully taking what my jack of all trades teacher taught me with graphics and photography this site shows ways to combine the two.  And with that hopefully that helps explain the site name a'little better. Me trying to think like my parents thought, it seemed like a cool name for a web sight. Hopefully you'll find something you think is cool too.  Thank You so much for checking us out, it's much appreciated. 












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