Products Get the Model Treatment.

It's the least talked about form of photos we do at or Yet probably the most social media liked and hearted. Food Photography, Commercial Photos, and Product Photography. What ever you call it they're some of our favorite pics to take with a camera. Here's a few starting with the ones we were once told never to post before lunch time for people who haven't taken a meal break yet in their day.

Our Photo/Video inspired apparel was always going to get the product photo treatment from us in house. "Modeled" if I can use that word with a straight face by yours truly.

Cars and Drones were used for the following IG stories and promoting upcoming photo galleries.

These are some of my favorite commercial product inspired shots so far. Some are subtle and some it's pretty clear we'd love you to pick up one of our Photo.Grapher T-shirts! I'll be blogging more on what might not get talked about that much here on this site. So follow along to never miss a shot from