2019 Budget Shopping Guide for Photographers + Vloggers

1. Canon Sl2 $524-600

When faced with a broken and beloved T4i there were two options for a full time replacement. A full frame Sony or another cropped sensor Canon. After a few minutes of research the Sl2 started to keep popping up as the alternative to the T"number" i Rebel Line (it's still going with the T7i) but with a Digic 7 processor and remote shooting in a smaller form factor it was clear the Sl2 would be the camera, coupled with a cheaper price than the mirrorless options I was looking at. Why not the 2019 Sl3? Glad you asked, here's a video for an explanation on that!

2. Tascam DR-40x $160

It's sooo versatile. Audio is one of the easiest things to fix when recording where ever you are. Rode mic's are super popular in the vlogging community and with good reason, buuuuut for a similar price to the more feature filled Rode Mics consider this. A Vlog Mic, Backup Recorder, Podcast Mic, Streaming Mic, and XLR input device for Boom Mics and Lavaliere Mics all rolled into one. Honestly why more are not on board with this device is beyond us. Tascam as a brand is starting to pop up in more feature length films so expect their profile to keep rising.

3. Joby Gorilla Pod $57

A "gorilla pod" is the nickname of these. Wrap them around anything and almost anywhere. While a basic tripod and one with floating point head is still very nice to have, this is geared towards the more on the go Vlogger. While there's a few knockoffs of this on the market I recommend going with the Joby for the build quietly. While it won't last forever you do need better materials for something that's going to be portable and bent a few different ways, just speaking from experience. R.I.P. off brand white gorilla pod you lasted as long as you could under a heavy user.

4. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop $493-$530

This is THE budget laptop. That does not mean you're missing out though. Sure you'll see me post about Apple MacBook Pros more than any other laptop but honestly for video editing it flat out doesn't matter the brand, rather the processor and how many cores the processor has to multitask.

5. Silicon Power Rugged 2tb Portable External Hard drive $64.99

Leici is the name brand in the rugged portable hard drive space, however that doesn't mean they're your only option. Meet Silicon. Shock resistant up to a few feet this is the hard drive I've personally used for over a year. For travel throw it in the back of your vehicle or bag and don't worry about it.


Designed and worn by us! Our Photo and Video related apparel is our choice to rep what we're all about. A search for "yeagershots" on Amazon will bring up more options available and there's always our IG to find the shirt for the photographer and and videographer in you life!

7. Godox Sl-60W $115-$135

We neeeeeed light. Sure as humans but I mean cameras really need light! Enter this highly portable constant light. Depending on you speak with the Godox Sl-60w (5500k) is quiet or not quite enough for interviewing. For the price we all agree they're worth it to have in your kit. Pairing these lights with a portable battery charger (sin wave form only) you've got a light you can take with you in the field. Fitted with a Bowen's Mount means it's highly versatile to use with light modifiers. When you really can manipulate lighting like you desire you're setting yourself up to a Director of Photography as well as Photographer and Videographer. Congrats on your new skill set.

8. Mygreen Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag Shoulder Sling Backpack Travel Rucksack

$22.94 - $24.99

Full disclosure this bag is more on the list for the price and the style. We (gear users) seem to always be on the search for the "perfect" backpack. In actually treating the back pack like a tool tailored to whatever you're about to use it for might be the best approach. One thing is constant though...That thing is Style. The throwback retro bags are one of my most complimented pieces of gear I use, but I sure do love the "modern" style bags as well. With two different backpacks sitting beside me as I type. I know why these bags are so beloved. Now that I think about it... This blue one really will match my Carolina's Photography Blue Theme....Ugh on to the next item!

9. Rokinon Cine Lens 85mm f1.4 $250-$299

Look at any of the SHOT CALLER PHOTO SHOOTS TO see this full frame lens in action! Even on a cropped sensor it's worth the money! This particular lens is fully manual, there is an option with autofocus on the market but for those on a budget/learning photography/wants nicer glass for sharper photos etc... don't miss this one!

10. Gimp for Photo Editing and DaVinci Resolve 16 for Video Editing $FREE

With Adobe having a lock on the market place, alternatives are always welcomed. At freenintynine meet Gimp for Photos and DaVinci Resolve. An open source photo editing app and Oscar winning color grading software in DaVinci as long as your compute can run the apps. Find out here and here.

Full disclosure y'all I'm an Amazon Affiliate Marketer so I would indeed get some kick back if you use any of the links provided in this list please and thank yous!