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August 3, 2019

What's going on with and

April 25, 2018

Humorous In Body Stabilization T-Shirt by YEAGERSHOTS APPAREL

January 22, 2018

All about where Photographer Yeager Tedder is making new T-shirts and Phone Cases available on the web!

September 6, 2017

HannaH dawns a white mask for this beach photo shoot!

June 8, 2017

 Towards the end of this very shoot that became Vol. 2 the question arose... "what'd we do for vol. 3?"  A question that shows that it felt like we had some shots to post this time around, which you never know the pics could of been less-than-stellar (impossible with Vera) by the time they made it to the edit. 

The answer however is for another day as my tag-team partner has once again elevated things in two ways. 1st these classic cars supplied by Vera and her wonderful family have made this the most expensive photo shoot of my existence!  2nd some of the images I had only a hope of how they'd turn out, but then Vera went and made my thoughts into a reality that's greater than anything I could dream up. 

One of the the photo goals... I know  what you're thinking, "there's goals?"  Yes there is!  I really wanted to have some shots that made you feel something a little bit more than last time.  More mood and a little bit more grounded.  U...

May 28, 2017

 I remember my excitement level from 2006 when gal pal and hair stylist Mandie introduced me to Adrianne. The lady featured in these here photos.  She's an amazing human and I'm so thankful she took a chance on shooting with a guy with not much of a portfolio or track record in the style of photography that got me into picking up a camera in the first place. Modeling. This would be "the" center piece shoot for my own upstart Carolina's Photography which I had not even thought of starting yet at the time of this shoot. By no one's fault, but my own this would be the last attempt at my favorite type of photo shoot for six years.  My favorite type that would give me the confidence to start my own photo biz. The type that inspired me to give picture taking a try in High School.  The foundation of so much. Just dormant and missing.  All that was left were these photos by a model who elevated my picture taking in ways to numerous to mention.   She was a major building block, but I didn't kno...

April 19, 2017

Stepping into the new unknown combining photography and graphic design like never before for

March 13, 2017

Way 1. Get in. Get out within 72hrs. or less with great friends who take pity on my financially Challanged Self.  Sorry I was speaking for me if that last sentence doesn't help you theeeeen apologies.  The rest of this is way more useful hopefully. 

Way 2. How it was done by yours truly here was to bust up in there around tax time.  It's nice in Spring. 

Way 3. Piece mealin' one way flights there and one way flights back home to save a buck.  

 Way 4... Almost always get away from The World Famous Strip to buy anything like beer and snacks.  Even if you're staying on said Strip. 

 Fancy ass CVS.  Skip it. Go with one not on "The Strip"  because $30 bucks for 30 Bud Lights suck and blow. And not in the Fun way. 

 Way 5. For Free drinks by simply  playing games on the floor of the Casino, most games that is. The Penny Slots might be a challenge to get a waiter or waitress over.  Forget what I said about $30 bucks for 30 beers sucking...

April 6, 2015

YEAGERSHOTS.COM presents "MEAT LOVERS SPIGHETTI". Here what's recommended.


Hamburger Meat.

Cheese flled Turkey Sausage.

Any Bacon. 

Itallian Seasoning



Bell Peppers.



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